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I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to visit your website and get an approval for a 403b distribution in a very timely manner.

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to visit your website and get an approval for a 403b distribution in a very timely manner. "

Vashanti Mehta, Director of Operations, Weath Solutions
She was kind and professional...

"Lwam Tecleab was so very helpful in resolving a conflict that no one else in the past several weeks would help me with. She was kind and professional and worked to solve the problem and not just pass me off. You are lucky to have her."

Karen Carraro, Mineola UFSD
I had the pleasure of receiving excellent service...

"A few hours ago I had the pleasure of receiving excellent service. I had a client come to me with a very short deadline and I in-turn had to ask for help and unusual service from OMNI. We faxed completed forms to OMNI and I then followed up with a call a couple of hours later. I spoke with Evan and then after pushing the issue, Patricia his supervisor. The reason I am taking time to write this is that while I felt or experienced the strict adherence to procedures and rules for handling paperwork I also received understanding and compassion to help our client. The balance of procedures, compassion and common sense has become unusual in the financial industry. You are to be congratulated for the way your team handled this request. Thank you I am now an OMNI advocate. "

Ron Young
Your work is always exact, timely, and completed with good cheer

"I just wanted to let you know that I deal with so many company's when transacting business, and I can not say enough how great it is to work with OmniGroup. Your work is always exact, timely, and completed with good cheer and professionalism."

Kevin Conroy, Financial Services Representative
Omni wins hands down!

"My directions and wishes are always handled accurately and the service provider team is fantastic when it comes to dealing with my phone calls."

Daniel D. Miller, Retirement Benefits Specialist
OMNI is the one I enjoy working with the most...

"As a financial advisor in California, we work with several TPA’s for the school district’s and I wanted to let you know that of all of them, OMNI is the one I enjoy working with the most."

Jeff K. (CFS)
It is comforting to know you can actually speak to a person who is patient and understanding...

"Omni representatives were extremely helpful and worked with me to solve any problem. In a world of talking to machines, it is comforting to know you can actually speak to a person who is patient and understanding. Thank you and all of the staff at Omni."

John M., Participant
I sincerely appreciate the leadership that you provided...

"I sincerely appreciate the leadership that you provided to Frontier (and all of the other local area school districts) regarding this matter. During these challenging and difficult fiscal times, it is remarkable that you were able to shift the administrative costs for the 403(b) program back to the carriers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!"

Rick Binner, Asst. Supt. for Business, Frontier CSD
We very much appreciate all of your employees at OMNI...

"We very much appreciate all of your employees at OMNI and are always greeted with enthusiasm, all transactions are processed timely, and the general professionalism that OMNI portrays is always amazing."

Shannon LaBarre, Account Specialist Consolidated Financial Corporation
Your professionalism and knowledge were refreshing!

"Michelle (Omni Call Center Representative)– Thank you so much for assisting me with my questions regarding your new P3 platform. You took a great deal of time out of your busy day to assist me. Your professionalism and knowledge were refreshing!!"

Robert Hayes Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to our friends/ service team at the OMNI group…

"OMNI is an amazing TPA. Every time I call; I am greeted with energy, enthusiasm, and respect."

Shannon L., Service Provider
She made my day!!!!

"Amy was very helpful and patient with me, plus I had fun. It was nice to talk to some one who wasn't like a robot but human. She made my day!!!!!"

Bev, plan participant
Eric went above and beyond...

"Eric went above and beyond to help me with this - he is a great representation of your groups commitment to customer satisfaction."

Caron, Service Provider
She handled my request professionally and courteously...

"Amy handled my request, professionally and courteously and took the time to help me arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for the benefit of my client."

E. Vespa, participating service provider
Excellent service...

"I just wanted to take a moment to compliment your organization on the excellent service I have received from your associates over the past couple of years."

Bill H. Service Provider
I am happy to express in writing the good experience I have had working with OMNI...

"I am happy to express in writing the good experience I have had working with OMNI. In particular, Zachary Keep is always helpful and quick to respond whenever I have needed to contact him."

Joanne W., Plan Sponsor representative
An absolute pleasure...

"Everyone that I have ever spoken with has been knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with."

Phil, (Certified Financial Planner)
I find myself compelled to write this letter of recommendation...

"This letter is my way of saying thank-you to both Linda and Jennifer, each of whom has conveyed a genuine sense of concern for my needs. I’ve been very satisfied with their assistance every year. I look forward to the coming years..."

Connie (Bezanski) Nardozzi, Benefits Office, Geneva City School District
I do not posses the eloquence to properly convey our satisfaction with The OMNI Group...

"During the fall of 2008, as we were implementing the new 403b regulations, we selected a company to serve as our Third Party Administrator (TPA). We selected the company based upon their credentials and a demo of employee web portal."

Terry S. Dean, CPA,Executive Director of Finance - Las Cruces Public School
Thank you for preparing, presenting, and sharing your expertise...

"We at NYSASBO and our members are most appreciative of your willingness to be part of our professional development programs. Your dedication to life-long learning leads us all to success."

Donna Clement, Director of Professional Development
It is such a pleasure...

"It is such a pleasure to deal with an entire organization that is so reliable and a pleasure to speak with."

Jodi Hirschman, Participant
Thanks for all of your efforts...

"Thanks for all of your efforts in getting Vanguard and Fidelity to sign the ISA's. I'm very happy to keep Vanguard. Great job!"

Joe Marmo, Senior Network Technician, West Irondequoit CSD
If your business is looking to choose a TPA, then OMNI is a great choice....

"OMNI coordinated a vendor fair for our 4,400 employees bringing all of the investment firms in one place for employees to compare alternatives. Although the new legislation enacted for January 2009 significantly altered and limited 403(b) offerings to employees, ...OMNI eased the transition for staff. We successfully re-signed nearly 100% of participating staff."

Suzanne Slack, Chief Financial Officer, SS/keh
Thanks for the communication ...

"Thanks for the communication and the web site to see that my 403b is ok, and that I am not at jeopardy."

Anne Schillinger, Teacher - Arlington School District
Thank you for your prompt attention...

"OMNI has done a wonderful job of preserving the integrity of the 403(b) market. We appreciate your efforts to finalize information sharing agreements. We realize a lot of work went into that."

Donald E. Romeo, RFC Compass Capital Management
We rely heavily on the professionals at OMNI...

"We rely heavily on the professionals at OMNI Group to be very knowledgeable in the 403b business and to provide us with assistance as it relates to compliance and monthly remittance.... Questions and concerns that may arise are always addressed in a prompt, professional manner."

Sheila Hall, Payroll Manager - The Independent School District of Boise City
Their customer service sets the bar for others to reach...

"OMNI is independent from any sales of 403(b)’s etc. This creates a very strong comfort level when receiving services from them. OMNI is also a company that stands behind their work fully. They provide full indemnification for what they do."

Deedrick Bertholf, Executive Director NYSASBO
OMNI saved us a minimum of two staff days per month...

"Due to OMNI as our third party administrator we estimate savings to be a minimum of two staff days per month. The time savings result from processing a single vendor and point of contact rather than 40 different vendors with multiple accounts and mailings."

Roger Van Putten, Director of Fiscal Services - Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
No more invoices to cross check, no more checks to print...

"The end result is wonderful: No more invoices to cross check, no more checks to print - just the satisfaction of knowing that our accounts are being processed and monitored by a group of outstanding professionals."

Amy Capriotti, Assistant Business Administrator - Windslow Township Board of Education
My ability to use you as a resource has also been invaluable...

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and The OMNI® Group regarding your compliance audit of our District’s tax shelter annuities and for the ongoing service you provide."

Geraldine L. Schwab, Assistant Superintendent for Business
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