OMNI Updates

OMNI provides participants with a quarterly newsletter, OMNI Updates, that is tailored to educating participants about 403(b)/457(b) plans, tips to maximize the benefits of the plan, and any updates affecting the plan(s). To view an OMNI Updates newsletter, please click on the links below.

Winter 2023

  • 2024 MAC Limits
  • How to Participate in a 403(b)
  • Online Distribution System

Spring 2023

  • MAC Limits for 2023
  • Schedule a Financial Checkup

Fall 2022

  • The Power of Automatic Payroll Deductions
  • Benefits of a 403(b)/457(b) Plan
  • Online Distribution System

2022 Quarter 2

  • Retirement Savings: Stay the Course
  • The Benefits of Using a Financial Advisor
  • Online Transaction Services