Salary Reduction Agreement Forms for Renton School Dist. NO 403 Renton, WA

A Tax Sheltered Annuity (“TSA”) is an investment account that is set aside for your retirement (only), and is paid for with “pre-tax” dollars.A Custodial Account (“CA”) is the group or individual custodial account or accounts, established for each Employee, by the Employer, or by each Employee individually, to hold assets of the Plan.Unless utilizing the catch-up provisions, your Maximum Allowable Contribution (“MAC”) cannot exceed $19500 ($26,000 if age 50 or over) for 2021. Both TSA & CA receive tax deferred treatment.
!!New!! 403 (b) SRA Express Shortened Online Form
This Salary Reduction Agreement Short Form is being offered by OMNI to streamline the process by which new participants may begin making payroll deductions into a single investment account
403(b) Online SRA Submission
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