Plan Details for Channahon School Dist. 17, Channahon IL

Current Status: Active

Participating Investment Providers

Investment Types:    Fixed Annuity (F)   Fixed Index Annuity (FI)   Variable Annuity (VA)   Investment Advisory Service (RIA)   Mutual Funds (MF)   Not Offered
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Plan Features

Eligible Employees

All employees, but employees who normally work fewer than 20 hours per week or student-teachers or teacher’s aides (i.e., persons providing service on a temporary basis while attending a school, college or university) described in Code section 3121(b)(10) are not eligible to participate. Please note: An employee normally works fewer than 20 hours per week if, for the 12-month period beginning on the date the employee's employment commenced, the employer reasonably expects the employee to work fewer than 1,000 hours of service (as defined under Section 410(a) (3) (C) of the Code) and, for each plan year ending after the close of that 12-month period, the employee has worked fewer than 1,000 hours of service.

Employer Non-Elective Contributions



Available for qualified applicants

Financial Hardship Distribution

Available for qualified applicants

Transfers Into Plan
(A transfer of assets from one employer’s 403(b) plan to another)


Transfers Out of Plan
(A transfer of assets from one employer’s 403(b) plan to another)


Service Based Catch-up
(Permits eligible employees with a given number of years of service to contribute additional money to their 403(b) beyond their base limit. See form for details and limit amounts.)


Rollover Contributions
(A contribution of a distribution from another plan (i.e. 401(k), 457(b), IRA))

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Contract Exchanges
(a change of investment within a 403(b) plan)

Available. Please note that a new investment provider must be participating in your Employer's 403(b) plan (see list above).

(i.e. Separation from Service, Attainment of 59 ½ years of age, Permanent Disability, or Death)